Unity Salt Ceremony, like a Sand Ceremony but better!

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Pink Himalayan and Sea Salt ceremony


Paradise Wedding Chapel is exclusively offering a salt ceremony add-on to your Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony! What is a salt ceremony? Well, if you’ve ever heard of a Unity Sand Ceremony, it’s like that, only better!

During your Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony, there will be one jar of Pink Himalayan Salt and one jar of White Sea Salt. The minister will say some magical and meaningful words and then the two of you will simultaneously pour your jars of salt into a larger jar. You will be combining the two salts, representing your two lives, into one. We will seal this jar and you will take it home! We encourage you to use this salt daily. Keep it in a spot in your kitchen so that you will see it and use it every day. Every time you see the salt, you’ll remember your wedding day! And your heart will be full, and you will smile. Ok, that’s me projecting now. Maybe you won’t get all the feels like that, but you have to admit, it’s a pretty cool idea.

When you’ve used all the salt and your jar is empty, just come back for a Las Vegas Vow Renewal Ceremony and we can do it all over again! (Or, you could just buy more salt for the jar. Not as fun, but it will work.)

The Pink Himalayan and Sea Salt Ceremony can be added to any of our Las Vegas Wedding Packages or Vow Renewal Packages.