Reserve Now. Pay Later. 

You can conveniently check the availability of any date for your Las Vegas Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Commitment Ceremony. You will be able to reserve the time without immediate payment. We can give you a courtesy hold for 3 days. If, after 3 days, you have not paid for your package then your reserved time will be forfeited. Once you submit your reservation on this calendar page, your time will be held for 3 days. You will receive a confirmation email that will include instructions on paying for your package and securing your date.

If you are ready to provide payment for your Wedding Package right now, then you do not have to do this step, just go ahead to our Packages and select the one you want and add it to the cart, along with any add-ons or accessories and complete the check-out process. You will then receive a confirmation email.

Here's what to do to Reserve Now and Pay Later:

  1. Select a package.
  2. Browse the calendar and choose your date and time.
  3. Fill out the information to hold your time.
  4. Complete the appointment.
  5. Pay for the package within 3 days.