Navigating the many Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

There are so many Las Vegas Wedding Chapels to choose from! How can you possibly choose one? This is especially difficult if you do not live in Las Vegas!


There are a few things that you should look for when you are viewing the plethora of Las Vegas Wedding Chapels.


1.       Reviews and Reputation.

This is undoubtedly the most important factor. Read through all of the reviews on Yelp and Google. Those are the 2 main sources for reviews and with both of those platforms, business owners cannot alter or remove reviews. There are rules and regulations regarding posting reviews so that business owners should not be able to “buy” good reviews. Keep in mind though, when you read through the reviews, that sometimes the reviewer may just be wrong. They may have misinterpreted something, or in rare cases they have even reviewed the wrong business! Among Las Vegas Wedding Chapels, Paradise Wedding Chapel has only 5 star reviews! When you read through these reviews at Paradise Wedding Chapel, you get the feeling that the owners really care about their customers and they truly do whatever they can to be sure that everyone is happy. With some of the reviews, you are left with the feeling that they have really bonded with the owners!


2.       Location.

Some would say location, location, location. The Marriage Bureau is located in Downtown Las Vegas. Many of the Las Vegas Wedding Chapels are also located Downtown. If you are looking for the easy-to-get-to chapel, you would probably want to pick one of these Downtown Las Vegas Wedding Chapels. To narrow your search even more, check for transportation and parking with the Las Vegas Wedding Chapels that are in the downtown area. Very few of the downtown chapels have their own parking lot, and some of them do not have street parking either. The chapels on Las Vegas Blvd, for example, might be a challenge to park at. Paradise Wedding Chapel is on 6th Street, which is one small block from Las Vegas Blvd and it is a 2-minute drive or 6-minute walk from the Marriage Bureau. There is plenty of parking at Paradise, either in their parking lot behind the chapel or on the street.


3.       Communications.

You want to be able to communicate with your wedding planner! Some of the chapels offer live chat or texting options. Some of the chapels offer their appointment calendar online so that you can easily check their availability before you call or head over there. At Paradise Wedding Chapel, it is easy to check availability online. You can even schedule your ceremony without making a deposit! They have a courtesy 3-day hold without payment! Here is the link:  Paradise Wedding Chapel Calendar. For your convenience, they also offer texting through their main phone number 702.344.0909. They will return phone calls, texts, and emails outside of their regular business hours.


4.       Services offered and Prices.

Not to diminish the importance of Services and Prices by listing this last, it is just as important as all the other factors. First, you need to be sure that the Las Vegas Wedding Chapels that you are looking at actually offer the services you are looking for. Looking for an early morning or late-night wedding? Looking for an Elvis wedding? Maybe you just want a commitment ceremony? Maybe you need to have your marriage license expedited? The Downtown Las Vegas Wedding Chapels tend to be fairly competitive in price. There are a few that are considered higher priced and there are a few that are definitely on the lower end. The bulk of them, however, are somewhere in the middle. Paradise Wedding Chapel is in the low to mid-range as far as pricing. One thing that sets them apart in the pricing category is they do not have the additional fees that many of the Downtown Las Vegas Wedding Chapels have:  an 18% surcharge is common among the chapels. That’s 18% added to the package, photos, add-ons. You won’t find that at Paradise Wedding Chapel. Another one is a charge to get your photos the same day. These charges are typically $50 - $75 to get your photos the same day or the next day. And there are chapels that charge that same amount again to give you your photos as a digital download. At Paradise Wedding Chapel, it is standard policy to deliver your photos to you via digital download within 2 hours after your ceremony, at no additional cost.


Given all the facts, why would you not choose to get married in Paradise? Follow this link to see the packages offered:  Las Vegas Wedding Packages at Paradise Wedding Chapel.