The Dream Las Vegas Wedding

It’s late September in Upstate New York. The morning air is crisp, as the summer warmth had quickly vanished. Karla was ready to plan her Las Vegas Wedding. She had been engaged to Sam for only 3 months but they were ready. They decided on a Las Vegas Wedding for a couple reasons; first off, they had never been to Las Vegas and had always wanted to check it out. They didn’t have loads of money and they were paying for everything themselves, so spending 20 – 30 thousand dollars on a big wedding was out of the question. Also, they wanted to do a little West Coast tour after their wedding, a simple honeymoon road trip from Vegas to L.A. and then up the coast.

They had already picked a date, March 31, and had sent out a “save the date” social media blast. Karla did the usual research and checked out a few Las Vegas Wedding Chapels. Sharing her findings with Sam, together they decided on Paradise Wedding Chapel. The photos on their website were beautiful and the packages and pricing were well within their budget. They really liked the idea that they had a banquet room right there, and the reception packages were very reasonable. Karla, feeling excited and anxious all at the same time, called the chapel and spoke to Lisa. Karla quickly felt at ease, as Lisa was very kind and patient with her. She explained everything to Karla and answered all her questions with a warmth as though she were talking to family. Karla explained that they were expecting about 20 people but that could change as the date gets closer. Lisa said not to worry, that’s a typical situation. Karla reserved March 31 at Paradise Wedding Chapel for her Las Vegas Wedding to the man of her dreams.

During the 6 months of planning, Lisa was there to answer all of Karla and Sam’s questions. Together they worked out all of the details for their Las Vegas Wedding and reception.

Sam and Karla arrived in Las Vegas 2 days before the wedding. They picked up their marriage license and Lisa had suggested they bring it to the chapel so that they had one less thing to worry about on their wedding day. That was a great idea. It’s amazing how she knew exactly how to calm them down and make this long distance planning a breeze.

It’s early afternoon, March 31. The wedding is at 5:00. Karla is in her hotel room getting her hair and make-up done. Karla arrives at the chapel around 4:30. Walking into the lobby gives a feeling of WOW. This room is stunning. There’s beautiful crown moulding and a fireplace. There are sofas, and there are intimate little areas too. The artwork and decor in this room is simple, nothing overdone here. Lisa is there to greet Karla and take her to the bridal suite so that she can get into her dress. Karla’s mom and sisters are with her to help her out. The bridal suite is gorgeous! From the chandelier to the Audrey Hepburn art, everything is so crisp and clean.

Sam arrives with his parents after having a light lunch and getting ready at his parent’s hotel room. The check-in process at the chapel was easy-breezy since they had brought their marriage license in the day before. The guests start arriving. There’s a nice little deck for guests to wait outside or they can wait in the lobby.

It’s almost time. Sam meets the minister, Chris, and they go over some ceremony details so that Sam knows what to do and what to expect. Sam and his groomsmen are led to the chapel and the guests follow. The chapel is amazing. It’s beautifully simple. The style, the seating, the flooring, the décor and even the tufted wall all come together perfectly. This is definitely not one of those cheesy Las Vegas Wedding Chapels! While the guests are being seated, Chris is getting Sam and his guys all organized. The photographer is ready, the music is playing. They have chosen the song “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin. The song was playing in Sam’s Bronco when he picked up Karla for their first date. Sam is nervously awaiting his bride. Karla’s mom enters the chapel and takes a seat at the front. Then the bridesmaids come in and take their place at the front.  And there she is, the bride. Karla is breathtaking. She is a beauty, no doubt. But right now, in this time and place, she has never been more beautiful. Sam is overwhelmed and as he wipes away the tears, he realized that this is the most amazing minute of his life so far. Looking at her, everyone knows that this is exactly the moment that she has been planning and dreaming of for her entire 24 years. She is joy and bliss and radiance all in one.

Karla’s father walks her down the aisle and when asked “who gives this woman to be married to this man?”, answers “her mother and I”, although through his tears it was barely audible. He kissed her on her forehead and took a seat next to Karla’s mom.

The ceremony was fairly traditional but in a more updated, modern way. The minister, Chris, comes across as someone you have known for years. He performed the ceremony as if he were family.  Sam and Karla chose to say a few words. Remarkably, they were both able to hold it together.

Sam and Karla exit the chapel as husband and wife. The guests make their way to the banquet room, and the newlyweds have their photo session before joining them. The banquet room is perfect. It’s retro style gives you the feeling that you’re in a 50’s diner, but with a more contemporary, polished feel. The meal was amazing. It was catered by an Italian Restaurant and the price was so reasonable! The wedding cake was delivered there and it was sublime.

Sam and Karla were so thankful that they had found Paradise Wedding Chapel for their Las Vegas Wedding experience. The level of customer service that they provided Sam and Karla was far beyond their expectations. They really do care about their couples. It is easy to see that this is the best Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Karla woke up and told Sam all about her dream, every single detail.





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