Pay for the Bartender and let your guests buy their own drinks!

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This is a very popular option! You just pay the bartender to come out and set up. Your guests will all pay for their own drinks! The drink prices are very reasonable, starting at just $5 and nothing over $10. (This is a really good deal in Las Vegas! Chris and I were out on the strip recently and the bill was $48 for 2 drinks! I mean, seriously?!)

The bartender will come equipped with everything needed. If you have any special requests, just ask! Want to create a signature drink, we can do that too!

Price includes delivery, set-up charge, and Bartender. Sales tax will be added. Please be kind, tip your bartender. (Not just here, but in general. You should always tip your bartender! That’s my public service announcement for today)

Please keep in mind:

* Room rental is required for any of the banquet options, whether you bring your own food or have us provide the catered meal.

* Alcohol can only be provided by our licensed alcohol caterer, you will not be able to provide your own.

* You will be able to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages.

Here are some examples of the drinks and drink prices in Las Vegas!

  1. OK, they were doubles. This is at the House of Blues, we were there for Grunge Fest.

  2. Blue Martini. They really do have some of the best martinis.

  3. We went to see the Foo Fighters and had to wait to get in so I brought my own drinks. Not kidding. I am that frugal. Sometimes.

  4. This is how we Superbowl.