The Founders

Paradise Wedding Chapel was founded by the husband and wife team of Chris and Lisa. With nearly 10 years of experience in the Las Vegas Wedding industry, Lisa has a strong grasp on what couples are expecting from a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Years of customer service has enabled Lisa to deliver the top-notch, unparalleled service that is so hard to find these days. Chris has been in the Real Estate Industry for thirty-some years, and has a strong background of everything financial as well as customer satisfaction. Lisa is really good at cooking and baking and Chris can fix anything.  Basically, they're Betty Crocker and MacGyver! They met in California in the 1980's and have been inseparable since. They're both serious foodies and love nerdy board games. They lived in California and New York before arriving in Las Vegas over 10 years ago. If you want some marriage advice - just ask these two, they'll be happy to share some words of wisdom. After 35 years, 4 kids, and some roller coaster rides along the way, the way he looks at her tells the whole story.